A solo trip to Europe to ingest the art of the Masters was all it took to kindle a long-smoldering spark within Maryeileen. The spark had been present, since childhood – peeking out when tapped into service, yet kept tempered by other life paths. Granting approval to self to ignite this passion came at last – an ongoing passionate interest in all things art-related. Thus the flames have been fanned and the energy has been released in full pursuit of the journey as a fine artist. Emergence!

Maryeileen's artwork is a personally-styled blend of representational realism, grounded in the traditions of the Old Masters, with an infusion of painterly impressionism subtly hinting at the spirit of the regional painters of the Brandywine Valley.

She evokes sensitivity and empathy, allowing her to create images which capture the true essence of her subject and demonstrate her signature style of interpretation. Maryeileen's draftsmanship, use of color and light, observation of detail and love of form allow her to paint a variety of subjects; figurative scenes, landscapes, still life arrangements and portraits with a timeless quality.

A native Pennsylvanian, Maryeileen paints in her West Chester home studio and in the company of fellow artists at the Copeland Atelier of Fine Arts (CAFA) in West Chester. Maryeileen is the Founder of CAFA which opened in June of 2011. In 2012, the still life, “Writers Table”, was awarded the J. Richeson Award at the Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity 63rd Anniversary Exhibition. Maryeileen's paintings are exhibited in professionally juried shows and public venues. Artworks are held in private collections nationally and internationally.

A lifetime of enriching experiences amassed within many beloved roles related to family life, the world of teaching, travel and her community imbed themselves in Maryeileen’s subjects and style of painting. It is how Maryeileen views the world, having been inspired by all the personalities, passages and places within those experiences. And let’s not forget what kindled the fire behind this passionate pursuit – that trip to Europe.

2007 - 2011

Completed a comprehensive four-year program in a studio environment, directed by Neilson Carlin, deeply rooted in the classical tradition and catering to artists interested in championing the realist standard.

Artistic Lineage: Neilson Carlin > Martha Erlebacher > Michael Aviano > Frank J. Reilly > Frank Vincent DuMond >the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of 19th century France

2006 - 2009

Studio painting with Karl J. Kuerner III, an American Artist, schooled in the Brandywine Tradition.

Artistic Lineage: Karl J. Kuerner III>Carolyn Wyeth>N.C. Wyeth>Howard Pyle

2001 - Present

Studio painting, Seminars and Workshops with on-going Studio painting opportunities offered in professional level Seminars and Workshops with select local, national and internationally-noted artists.

  • Founder, Copeland Atelier of Fine Arts
  • Member of East Bradford Township Art Scholarship Committee
  • Philadelphia/Tri State Artists Equity Association
  • Chester County Art Association
  • Bright Light Artist Guild
  • Wayne Art Association
  • 2016 (Fall) Bradford Galleries, The Allison Gallery; Show Title - "It's ALL In the Details"
  • 2016 (Spring) Philadelphia / Tri-state Artist Equity 67th Anniversary Exhibition John Baker Gallery at E.O. Bull Center, West Chester, PA
  • 2014 (Fall) - Chester County Art Association
  • 2014 (Fall) Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity Show & Exhibition, The Smith Sargent Gallery, Wayne, PA
  • 2012 (Spring) - Philadelphia/Tri State Artists Equity 63rd Anniversary Exhibition, The GALLERY at E.O. Bull Center, West Chester, PA
  • 2011 (Spring) - Members' Show, Chester County Art Association
  • 2011 (Spring) Philadelphia/Tri-State Artist Equity 62nd Anniversary Show & Exhibition, Davenport Gallery, Wayne, PA
  • 2006 (Spring) - Darlington Arts Center, Exhibition
  • 2006 (Fall) - Chester County Art Association
  • 2006 (Early Fall) - Chester County Art Association
  • 2004 (Winter) - Chester County Art Association
  • 2003 (Early Fall) - Chester County Art Association
  • 2017 (Winter) John H. Baker Gallery at E.O.Bull Center; Invitational Show, "The Art Spirit and Beyond"
  • 2016 (Fall-Winter) Exton Square Gallery
  • 2016 (Spring-Summer) Exton Square Gallery
  • 2015 (Fall) Bradford Galleries, The Huston Gallery; "The Dark Side"
  • 2013 (Spring) - "Interpretation", Historic Copeland School House
  • 2009 (Fall) - Granite Farm Estate Exhibition
  • 2007-2009 - Durham County Government Building
  • 2005-2007 - Duke University Medical Center Pain Prevention & Treatment Program, Grubb & Ellis
  • Health & Body Performance, LLC, West Chester, PA
  • West Chester University, Anderson Hall
  • 2019 - Fine Artist-in-Residence, Craigardan, Keene (ADX), NY
  • 2012 - The J. Richeson Award, Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity Exhibition
  • Artworks are held in private collections nationally and internationally.